"Nina's teaching style is thoughtful, knowledgeable and personable. Expect an exploration of the intricacies of your voice, that will uncover character and authenticity of expression."

Emily Wilson (Voice Student, Melbourne University)


Nina Ferro is a professional, experienced vocalist and performing artist whose wealth of experience spans over three decades and in over 20 countries.

Train in an uplifting and supportive environment where you are able to explore all aspects of your creative self,

have fun and truly find YOUR voice. As well as teaching at her private studio located in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Nina is also a Teaching Associate at both Monash and Melbourne Universities specializing in Contemporary and Jazz Voice.

"I would love to help you reach your vocal goals, to help you have more understanding of how your instrument works, how to get the best results and to help guide your professional development along the way. 


My teaching methods are bespoke to the individual student and can incorporate anything we feel needs addressing that may come up during the lessons or outside them. I take a 360 degree, holistic approach to our time together and am happy to guide you through areas of performance, songwriting, career coaching or any other areas you'd like to see improvement. 

Happy Singing!"

Nina xx


Nina can provide:

  • Assessment Lessons (different rate applies)

  • Tune-up – vocal “Road-worthy”

  • Beginners to Advanced

  • Artist Development and Mentoring

  • Vocal Workshops and Masterclasses (including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels - WWC accredited).

You will learn:

  • Implement effective warm-up and cool-down techniques and exercises.

  • Flexibility and range.

  • Belt or sing high safely.

  • Variety of singing and performance styles from jazz, music theatre, soul, pop, rock, classical, vocal improvisation.

  • Stage presence. Work on performance anxiety, delivery, projection and sing with confidence.

  • Microphone technique.

  • How to “lead” a band. Learn the language used to communicate effectively in a performance setting with the musicians around you.

  • Increase repertoire and create a “performance pad.” (A book of charts for use at performances in the correct keys).

  • Harmony work.

  • Overcoming and working with Performance Anxiety

  • Aural training.

  • Tips on recording in a studio setting.

  • Lessons are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

  • And much, much more…..



Nina is now providing online lessons to anywhere in the world using Zoom or Messenger Video.

For more information and to book your lesson, please use the 'ENQUIRE ABOUT LESSON' email form at the bottom of the page!


 "Do you have an audition submission? Upcoming performance? Recording of a vocal assessment piece for School or Uni? Need guidance with a YouTube upload? Just want general feedback to hone your skills? Receive personalized video feedback from Nina within 1 week. Please use the 'ENQUIRE ABOUT LESSON' email form at the bottom of the page! ....($120).



“When I started practicing with Nina, it was after a long break I had taken from singing lessons and Nina helped me rediscover my voice and build on my confidence through some of her amazing techniques and advice. Nina taught me things I didn’t know before and learnt to be more mindful of the way I was singing. I found that it was not only the methods she was teaching but also her way of explaining things and being so present through our sessions that made me understand things better. Her beautiful energy made our practice enjoyable and something to look forward to.   Even though I take breaks sometimes in between our lessons, I don’t feel lost anymore as I’m more aware of how I should be practicing in my own time and where my voice comes from. Every lesson I’ve done with Nina helps my performances in and out of the studio. I’m really grateful to have Nina’s influence in my life. “


Antonia Kay

Singer, Songwriter, Elite Boxer.

"Nina is an honest, wise and warm individual with an infectious passion for the voice! Her teaching style is thoughtful, knowledgeable and personable. Expect an exploration of the intricacies of your voice, that will uncover character and authenticity of expression."

Emily Wilson

Voice Student, Melbourne University

"I've had several great singing teachers over the past ten years, all of which have helped get me to certain new points. After a break in learning of some years and wanting to really start drilling deep into the next level of understanding my voice, and commence refining it to a professional level, I have found Nina's personalized lessons to be EXACTLY where I need to be to achieve this.

While all singing coaches have something to offer, there are two stand out qualities that drew me to Nina as a teacher. First and foremost, what I really like about Nina is that she's a current amazing working singing professional herself, as well as a great teacher. Which means she "does" as she teaches, and for me, I find this gives her lessons an added touch of legitimacy that isn't often found.

Secondly, I really like Nina's personalized and structured approach to assessing where you're at currently, identifying the needs going forward, and then working with an individually tailored process for you to progress solidly towards your singing goals.

Last, but by no means least, I've found my lessons with Nina to be fun! I always come away from my lessons with her feeling as though I have broken new ground in dealing with old vocal challenges, and with a renewed enthusiasm for continuing to learn my craft. She's as down to earth as she is knowledgeable, and teaches in a way that you really "get" the knowledge you need.

I cannot recommend Nina enough, to anyone who is passionate and serious about taking the next step in their vocal journey".

Hamish Withington



“I love Nina’s relaxed and personalised approach. She helped me understand the mechanics of singing which has given me more control, confidence and versatility in my voice.”

—  Hannah, London UK

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