Nina Ferro is a professional, experienced vocalist and performing artist whose wealth of experience spans over two decades and in over 20 countries.

Train in an uplifting and supportive environment where you are able to explore all aspects of your creative self, have fun and truly find YOUR voice.


Nina can provide:

*Assessment Lessons (90mins different rate applies)+

*Tune-up – vocal “Road-worthy”

*Beginners to Advanced

  • Learn effective breath control.
  • Learn to belt or sing high safely.
  • Learn and implement effective warm-up and cool-down techniques and exercises.
  • Flexibility and range.
  • Variety of singing and performance styles from jazz, music theatre, soul, pop, rock, classical, vocal improvisation.
  • Stage presence. Work on performance anxiety, delivery, projection and sing with confidence.
  • Microphone technique.
  • How to “lead” a band. Learn the language used to communicate effectively in a performance setting with the musicians around you.
  • Increase repertoire and create a “performance pad.” (A book of charts for use at performances in the correct keys).
  • Harmony work.
  • Aural training.
  • Tips on recording in a studio setting.
  • Lessons are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.
  • And much, much more…..

For more information on lessons, Group Workshops (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary) & Masterclasses please contact Nina via the Contact Page


“Nina is an experienced vocal coach who communicates complex vocal technique in a simple fun way. She connects with and listens to her students.  She focusses on the “whole song” – singing with fluidity, confidence and with a full voice and interpreting the song to capture its meaning. She is truly committed to developing the skills of her students (both professional and non-professional singers) and helping them achieve their vocal and performance goals.”

–Prue, Melbourne Australia

“I love Nina’s relaxed and personalised approach. She helped me understand the mechanics of singing which has given me more control, confidence and versatility in my voice.”

–Hannah, London UK

“Before I started lessons with Nina I felt as though I needed singing lessons because I had a bad voice, or even worse that I had damaged my voice. She really helped me overcome some of these fears through positive reinforcement and effective breathing exercises. For someone like me who prefers a female-teacher, Nina is perfect for the job.”

–Thomas, Melbourne Australia

“After seeing Ms Ferro perform at numerous prestigious venues in London I summoned the courage to enquire about vocal coaching. Having had a classical background I was keen to revisit jazz and embrace the soul genres. From the first phone call to the first lesson Nina was extremely professional and likeable….I have never had a singing teacher with such breadth of knowledge of all musical genres. She really is a master of all! At the start of the initial lesson a detailed history is taken of your musical background and throughout subsequent lessons, notes are taken to document your progress. Nina gives 300% to her students and is completely engaged throughout the lesson. You can visibly see that although a seasoned performer, when teaching, her expertise shines through and she recognises bad habits and effortlessly communicate them to the student. She is extremely passionate and hardworking and finding lead sheets, or spare lyrics are never a bother.
I have never met such a passionate, hardworking, talented, intelligent (and funny) singing teacher!”

–Dr Farah Ramjohn, London UK

“Nina is a wonderful teacher who completely understands what I wish to achieve with my voice, her technical know-how and experience is vast. She has helped me enormously with my confidence and has inspired me along the way. I cannot recommend her enough.”

–Sarah, London UK

“Nina really is a wonderful teacher.
I have had many singing teachers and she is by far my favourite, for many reasons.
Nina is always on time, sends a clear message prior to the first lesson so that students know what to bring.
I was in the middle of a 60’s show performing with Wendy Stapleton. I found it hard to hit some of my high notes, after 2 lessons with Nina I was hitting them.
Nina not only helped me with my vocal ability and technique she also talked to me about believing in myself and has given me the confidence that I need.
I am about to record an original album and I can’t wait to work with Nina to ensure that it is sucessfull and that I can get the best out of my voice.
Nina can help with any style of singing which is perfect for me as I perform in a range of styles. I highly recommend Nina to anyone wanting to explore their voices!”

–Georga, Melbourne Australia

“As a vocal coach, Nina possesses critical qualities of insight and compassion. With me, she was able to unlock abilities that I never dreamed I had in just a few lessons. I’m looking forward to stellar growth as a singer under Nina’s guidance.”

–Julia, Melbourne Australia